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Blawn’s Britain

9th July 2007

For anyone foolish enough to believe that the substitution of Brown for Blair would make any difference to the ideological tenor of the Government today’s (8.07.07) Times front-page supplies an instant corrective. The latest subject to be introduced into classrooms is ‘lessons in money’. (more…)


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This one is especially interesting given I will be facing the same choices in a few months time. (more…)

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Lock ’em Up (OP)

19th November 2007

Way back in August – yes I know its a long time ago – an extraordinary column appeared in The Times by one Theodore Dalrymple. (more…)

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Class Divisions (OP)

18th December 2007

Sometimes articles which are just so damned good they demand reproducing on any blog going, get posted on one of the lists. This, like most of the best, was posted to WWTTA. (more…)

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3rd August 2007

Unusually this is a fairly straight reproduction of a list post – in this case to WWTTA on the subject of Dorothy Richardson’s Pilgrimage Books 1-3 (Volume 1). (more…)

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8th March 2007

Friday Night Lights is an American TV series which started airing in the US in October 2006. It has been showing in the UK on ITV4 for the past┬áthree weeks. (more…)

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7th September 2005

At the ECW list we are reading Bate’s biography of John Clare. (more…)

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