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Dumbing-down : A Rant

Occasionally I feel in the need of a rant. Most recently my wrath has been incurred by a BBC4 Programme entitled In Their Own Words. I have decided to try to give my ire a more theoretical and, hopefully, objective framework by considering the topic of dumbing-down. (more…)


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A substantial change to the way in which my life is organised, and especially the time I have available, took place this month when, to my considerable surprise, I was elected Chairperson of the Birmingham LINk (an organisation which seeks to improve the provision of Health and Social Care in Birmingham). I now have to devote considerable amounts of time to this, to a much greater degree than I have done in the past (and that had been steadily increasing). It is now going to be the case that a day without a meeting is an exception rather than the reverse. (more…)

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