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This entry is somewhat remarkable in that consists solely of links to other people‚Äôs blog entries with almost no discussion or intervention. I do most heartily commend all of the pieces, but admit that it also functions as an easy historical record for me of a period in which I have not blogged. (more…)

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Anarchism in Short

This is a piece which I was in the middle of writing in October 2010 when illness intervened; it is therefore unfinished. But I didn’t want to let the part I had written go to waste!

A Very Short Introduction to Anarchism by Colin Ward differs from other books in the series in that the author is an Anarchist himself and the book is unashamedly partisan. This is not to say that writers of other books in the series do not care, or are not passionate about, their subjects but that is somewhat different from advocating a particular political position. (more…)

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