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Top Telly

I am again indebted to HarpyMarx (http://harpymarx.wordpress.com/2011/01/31/guardians-top-50-television-dramas-of-all-time/) for this list from The Guardian of their Top 50 TV Dramas. Like many others I love a list as long as it is not patently absurd, and this one, although one might disagree with it, is certainly not that. Here is the list… (more…)

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Any account of the past 20 months which entirely omitted what I have been ¬†watching and listening to would be absurdly incomplete. On the other hand to produce any sort of detailed list, let alone decent exegesis, would not only be impossible because of my poor memory, but would mean that I never caught up! The following is therefore a brief summary of the television, literature and music which has made the most impression and which immediately springs to mind as I look back. A notable and obvious omission from this trilogy is film and the reason is that, while I have seen some good, even very good, films there has been nothing outstanding enough to warrant notice here. (more…)

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