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3rd August 2007

Unusually this is a fairly straight reproduction of a list post – in this case to WWTTA on the subject of Dorothy Richardson’s Pilgrimage Books 1-3 (Volume 1). (more…)


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28th June 2007

The serendipity of the past few weeks has been coming across a number of debates and discussions about blogging (well I have met a lot about depression and mental health too, but I am probably attuned to see these even where they don’t exist!) and indeed ‘net life’ as a whole. These debates seem to fall into two broad camps.. (more…)

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13th August 2007

Last week we watched Paul Watkins’ remarkable documentary ‘Malcolm and Barbara’, which recorded how Malcolm fell ill with and eventually died of dementia. Filmed over a number of years the documentary was at times almost unwatchable in its unsparing presentation of the reality of dementia. (more…)

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