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Three February Movies

Three fairly quick movie reports as I don’t have much time these days. Easily the best both in terms of quality and enjoyment was Godard’s Une Femme est Une Femme (1961) ; well that almost goes without saying. Godard’s third film and his first in colour it is, by his standards, a lighthearted, even frothy affair and in sharp contrast to the preceding Un Petit Soldat. Whether he was determined that this at least should not be banned I am unclear. (more…)


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October Movies

Continuing my Godard viewing I come to his second film Le Petit Soldat (1960 but not released until 1963) starring Michel Subor and Anna Karina. The reason for the three-year delay between the making and release of the film was due to the fact that the French Government banned it because of its sensitive political content. (more…)

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Three August Movies

The Cat’s Meow (2001) directed by Peter Bogdanovich tells a story about the events which occurred in November 1924 during a cruise on William Randolph Hearst’s yacht The Oneida. (more…)

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I re-read, with more concentration, Caryl Churchill’s Fen (1983). It is a remarkable piece of work mainly concerned with the lives of a number of women in a Fen village. There are a couple of male characters – Mr Tewson, the landowner, and Frank, for whom one of the women, Val, is leaving her husband and young daughters, but the play’s concern is with the women. (more…)

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