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September has been a very good month. A score of  7.07 on the Depression Scale which is the second highest ever and by far the best September. This may be partly because I am now marking more generously. (more…)


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The Proms 2010

Consequent upon my ever-growing interest in classical music I have been listening to and watching more of the Proms this year than ever before. And because it has been Mahler’s anniversary year, 2010 has been a particularly good year for me to do so. (more…)

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Mahler: His Life, Work and World

In search of a biography of Mahler I borrowed Mahler His Life, Work and World by Kurt and Herta Blaukopf from the library: in the event it turned out not to a be a biography at all but a carefully arranged selection of Mahler-related writings. (more…)

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Musical Notes

In terms of events attended over the past few months  which I need to catch up with I find that music massively predominates. My own liking for particular composers, and above all Mahler, increases all the time: I am fortunate then that this year is the 150th Anniversary, and from September of this year to July 2011 there is going to be a complete Mahler ‘cycle’ in Birmingham for which we have booked tickets. I want however to start at a very different part of the musical spectrum. (more…)

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